Blogging in 2020


If you’re new to the whole online blogging you may be wondering what’s the big deal and can you still make money from it in 2020.  I’ve been researching this question over the past few weeks and everybody is saying it’s still the way of the future and if your online business doesn’t have a blog yet then you really should be getting on to that. 


If you are a new business completely then you want to start with a blog from the get go as you want your prospective customers to know how you are different from any other business in your niche. 


Now before you go any further let’s take a look at what you would actually like to achieve with your blog.  You need to have a plan as to where you want to go, who you would like to read your blog, how are you going to make an impact and how are you going to start building relationships with customers. 


If you go to google and type in “how to start a blog” you will find a million different blogs teaching you how to start a blog but they all probably have something unique about the way they are teaching.  You need to stand out in a very crowded platform. 


For me the reason why I started my blog was to help me as a PTSD sufferer and I also want to empower other PTSD sufferers to start their own blogs.  I have found that it is very therapeutic as I can write my own words and I don’t care what other people think but if it helps someone get through a tough day and inspires them, then I’ve done some good in the world.   


So the first question you must answer if you are going to start a blog is “What is going to be your #1 goal with the blog?  What do you want to achieve?  Who do you want to read it?


If you fail to Plan, you’ll plan to fail


This is an awesome little quote and believe me it is completely true especially blogging in 2020.  You see I have never known or been taught anything about planning or setting goals and for years and years I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t stay focused on one thing and why I kept changing from one shiny object to another.  Every time I started to getting anxious and my anxiety and the flashbacks would kick in then I would jump ship to the next thing however I found that I ended up wasting thousands of dollars on courses that I never finished and I also never got anywhere in business online. 


Car detailing business pciture


In 1998 my husband and I started a car detailing business and we started it from nothing and made it in to a very successful brick and mortar business with 12 employees.  Unfortunately it didn’t survive much longer after the big stock market crash in 2008 but we had gotten 10 good years out of it.   I think back to that time and wonder why we were so successful when I never planned or made goals. 


However the difference back then was it was such a fast changing industry so even though I didn’t plan in advance the first thing I would do every morning when I got my first cup of coffee was write out a to do for the day list.  It was the only way I could keep my anxiety at bay and I would tick things off when I completed them during the day.  Also my husband and I were a partnership so we helped each other out during the day but with an online business my husband’s not interested he doesn’t understand the whole concept but he is supportive of me.



meanaz goal settingBlogging in 2020 is all about running a marathon not a sprint taking your time and planning out your future especially if you are starting your blog to earn an income off.  Set clear goals for yourself take a step outside of your comfort zone.  If you set goals that are not going to push you then you really won’t see any change and you will get bored very easy and give up.   


Goals can be like playing a game.  A game you can win or lose.  If you set a goal too high to start off with then you might lose but if you start off small then you can win.  Each time you win set another goal a little bigger and work towards that.  You will soon work out how satisfying it can be once you complete a couple. 


How does a person totally transform their life?  By achieving one small goal after another.  First things first there are 3 types of goals that you need to be setting, short term, medium term and long term.


Always Set SMART Goals


Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant – Time Based


Short term – Will be day to day or week to week up until a month.  These should just be straight forward and achievable with in the time you set. 


Medium term – These will be anything from 30 days until 6 months.  You need these to push your comfort zone but still focused on winning the game.


Long term – These will be from 12 months until 10 years.  These need to stretch your imagination and scare the hell out of you.  You have no idea how you will ever achieve these goals but that’s fine you don’t have to worry or stress on it.