When you embark on this journey you need to give serious consideration where your journey will begin and are you prepared to make the mental adjustments to complete this journey?

You need to make a commitment to yourself that you will follow the instructions necessary to alter your old conditioned behavior.


You need to have a clear vision & a total amount you are aiming for, it can’t just be “heaps”


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When you have  anxiety and/or depression  you probably have tried numerous ways to overcome it but what if you could improve your life style and learn to manage it and use it for your benefit instead of it being a burden. 


Do you know why some people who come from nothing or have had the shittest hand dealt to them can become the richest and most powerful people in the world and then then there are others who are given everything on a silver platter and turn out to be the biggest losers on the planet? 


If you want to overcome anything in your life you need to have a specific set of skills, thought processes and concepts in which you must implement.  If you want to reach the levels of success that the top 1% reach then you must change.




If you start taking control of your thoughts and only put positive thoughts in your mind.  Then positive will start happening in your life.  No this no some stupid bullshit story I didn’t believe it when I first heard it as well but so many times when I’m having really bad days or weeks I focused on just positive things and then great things have started to happen.

“If you have happiness on the inside, it will bring happiness on the outside”



Take a piece of paper out and write down what you would actually like to achieve in your life.  Think about where you envision yourself to be in 10 years time if you had nothing holding you back.  Write down your dreams, aspirations and desires.



Now since you have written out your dreams what would life be like if you had succeeded at all of those goals?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful?  Well you are now going to write out your vision, you need to have a real vision on why you want your life to be like this.  My vision for example is “I am on a mission to empower and motivate 10,000 people to overcome their  anxiety and/or depression  to start earning an income with an online blogging business.”



Focus stands for Follow One Course Until Success.  This is the most important bit of advise I can give you.  To overcome anxiety and/or depression I had to learn to focus on one thing until I had mastered that and then went on to the next thing.  The taught me how to limit my stress levels.



only those who take massive action are going to make it


Those content to sit and wait will continue to get the same results they have always been getting.

I know for an absolute fact that this strategy works when applied correctly.

I use it as well as other strategies to grow my business.

The steps to making your life easier all begin with a yes attitude.

Napoleon Hill made a very powerful statement “Every adversity carries with it the seed of equivalent or greater benefit”

If you can remind yourself that adversities can end up being your best learning points then you are on the right track.

Every day you need to change your way of thinking about your anxiety and/or depression.  Start training your mind to having an positive mindset.  You need to be truly grateful for your life.  If you have all the money you want and no anxiety and/or depression how do you feel?  How do you look?  What does your new life look like?





Everybody should be able to strive for happiness and be allowed to feel what a life of happiness can bring. 


However some times that seems so impossible, especially for anybody who suffers anxiety or depression. 


When you suffer anxiety and depression a life of happiness can seem like a different kind of life as you are always unfortunately thinking about negative things and life can feel so tough and rough that the word happiness just seems like a word that is a life time away. 


When you really want to change and make life a better place one of the things you could look at doing is starting an online business.  This way you could change a number of things in your life. 


For instance it could help you communicate better with people as you can do it behind a keyboard without added stress of trying to do it face to face.  This could make things feel less complicated for you. 


Also it can help you can feel more self-confidence, this is another way of taking such high pressure of you and you can do it in your own time and space. 


Another great aspect of working from home is you can start helping your family financially without stress and pressure.  When you go to job interviews and even the process of applying for jobs can be extremely overwhelming when you have anxiety or depression.


When normal people are low and down in the dumps this can mean they are just having a bad day.  However if you suffer anxiety and depression it can feel a lot different.  It tends to last weeks and it’s not something that you should ever say to someone “Oh just get over it, it’s not that bad” 


If you have never suffered anxiety or depression you have no idea what it can feel like.  It isn’t like having a bad mood or a feeling of sadness just for the hell of it. 


I’m so glad that in this day and age people are starting to become aware that it is actually a mental health illness. 


have you put off starting your blog?




Have you ever put off starting your blog because you feel it’s too over whelming and you are scared that you might fail? 


Believe me I fully understand I put off starting mine for years.   Every time I thought about starting the anxiety would take over and send my heart pounding a million miles a minute, then the hot/cold flushes and the shaking body.  I would completely melt down and then put the idea to the side for another few years.


I wish I had learned a lot earlier that it’s better just to take even small steps and do something.  Taking action would have been better than nothing at all.


When you are struggling with your anxiety and depression everything can seem like an impossible goal.  But a goal is never out of reach no matter how hopeless the situation may feel. 


What is your problem?  What’s the voices in your head saying to you? There’s a saying which goes like this “Obstacles are what happens when you take your eyes off your goals”. 


When you have anxiety and depression the smallest struggle can seem like an over-whelming challenge but you just have to keep on putting one foot in front of the other and taking baby steps. 


Don’t give up even if you have tried and tried and failed.  The road even for the most successful business people involves bumps, setbacks and pitfalls but you just have to get back up and start again. 


Change is never easy but if you can learn that stress is just a bump and a learning curve.  Get back up dust yourself off and try again.


My biggest FEAR when I wanted to start building an online business was doing video.  Every time I even thought about doing a video it would send me in to a frenzy and because of this I kept putting off even starting. 


I would say things to myself like “If I can’t do video how is my business going to succeed?  Now I still haven’t overcome my fear of video but I got off my butt and at least started my business. 


I focus on other tasks to complete and progress my business in the right direction without being stuck or quitting because I can’t let my fear take over me and rule my life. I can’t let the anxiety win.


You need to get back on track when you slip up.  Every little step forward is better than giving up completely.  All successful people have slip ups but it’s how you deal with them that will determine if you win or lose. 


When you have anxiety and depression starting a blog can make you feel like a failure before you have even started.  There will always be instances when things feel over whelming but if you can keep to a regular routine and have a plan, then even if you take 2 steps forward and 1 step back you are still making progress.


Each day have a written plan or a to do list. So say you want to have 3 blog posts completed by tomorrow.  If you have it written down then it takes some of the stress away and you know exactly what you want to achieve. 


Even if tomorrow you only complete 2 its not such a big deal you have at least made progress and you are not letting your anxiety win, that’s an awesome achievement in itself. The bottom line is that you’re trying to change and having it written down gives you a reminder that you didn’t fully complete today’s task so you need to have another go the next day.


Blogging in 2020


If you’re new to the whole online blogging you may be wondering what’s the big deal and can you still make money from it in 2020.  I’ve been researching this question over the past few weeks and everybody is saying it’s still the way of the future and if your online business doesn’t have a blog yet then you really should be getting on to that. 


If you are a new business completely then you want to start with a blog from the get go as you want your prospective customers to know how you are different from any other business in your niche. 


Now before you go any further let’s take a look at what you would actually like to achieve with your blog.  You need to have a plan as to where you want to go, who you would like to read your blog, how are you going to make an impact and how are you going to start building relationships with customers. 


If you go to google and type in “how to start a blog” you will find a million different blogs teaching you how to start a blog but they all probably have something unique about the way they are teaching.  You need to stand out in a very crowded platform. 


For me the reason why I started my blog was to help me as a PTSD sufferer and I also want to empower other PTSD sufferers to start their own blogs.  I have found that it is very therapeutic as I can write my own words and I don’t care what other people think but if it helps someone get through a tough day and inspires them, then I’ve done some good in the world.   


So the first question you must answer if you are going to start a blog is “What is going to be your #1 goal with the blog?  What do you want to achieve?  Who do you want to read it?


If you fail to Plan, you’ll plan to fail


This is an awesome little quote and believe me it is completely true especially blogging in 2020.  You see I have never known or been taught anything about planning or setting goals and for years and years I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t stay focused on one thing and why I kept changing from one shiny object to another.  Every time I started to getting anxious and my anxiety and the flashbacks would kick in then I would jump ship to the next thing however I found that I ended up wasting thousands of dollars on courses that I never finished and I also never got anywhere in business online. 


Car detailing business pciture


In 1998 my husband and I started a car detailing business and we started it from nothing and made it in to a very successful brick and mortar business with 12 employees.  Unfortunately it didn’t survive much longer after the big stock market crash in 2008 but we had gotten 10 good years out of it.   I think back to that time and wonder why we were so successful when I never planned or made goals. 


However the difference back then was it was such a fast changing industry so even though I didn’t plan in advance the first thing I would do every morning when I got my first cup of coffee was write out a to do for the day list.  It was the only way I could keep my anxiety at bay and I would tick things off when I completed them during the day.  Also my husband and I were a partnership so we helped each other out during the day but with an online business my husband’s not interested he doesn’t understand the whole concept but he is supportive of me.



meanaz goal settingBlogging in 2020 is all about running a marathon not a sprint taking your time and planning out your future especially if you are starting your blog to earn an income off.  Set clear goals for yourself take a step outside of your comfort zone.  If you set goals that are not going to push you then you really won’t see any change and you will get bored very easy and give up.   


Goals can be like playing a game.  A game you can win or lose.  If you set a goal too high to start off with then you might lose but if you start off small then you can win.  Each time you win set another goal a little bigger and work towards that.  You will soon work out how satisfying it can be once you complete a couple. 


How does a person totally transform their life?  By achieving one small goal after another.  First things first there are 3 types of goals that you need to be setting, short term, medium term and long term.


Always Set SMART Goals


Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant – Time Based


Short term – Will be day to day or week to week up until a month.  These should just be straight forward and achievable with in the time you set. 


Medium term – These will be anything from 30 days until 6 months.  You need these to push your comfort zone but still focused on winning the game.


Long term – These will be from 12 months until 10 years.  These need to stretch your imagination and scare the hell out of you.  You have no idea how you will ever achieve these goals but that’s fine you don’t have to worry or stress on it.