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Hey, I’m Angela Rewi the face behind Mean Az.  I started Mean Az to see if it is possible that I could start a business from home during a pandemic.


I am a mum of two beautiful grown-up boys. They have always been my best friends and I would do anything and everything for them. 


Now they have grown up I feel lost and alone and don’t know what my purpose in life is anymore.  I also have PTSD which has always made life challenging at the best of times.

“Mean Az stands for Amazing/awesome”


Be A Warrior

Angela Rewi

I came from a family of co-dependence.  My father was an abusive obsessive manipulator and a pathological liar.  My mother and brother were alcoholics (but would never admit it).  Another brother was a drug addict.  Then there is me I became accustomed to pill-popping to ease the pain of years of abuse and to help me get through life and survive instead of committing suicide.


Living in an environment where there was a massive lack of emotion shown was extremely hard as a child.  I never learned how to cope with the different kinds of emotions as we were never allowed to cry without receiving a beating and being called a wimp or stop acting like a baby.


I went through life living trauma after trauma suffering from intense emotional and physical reactions that came with horrific flashbacks and nightmares.  There were lots of times when I just wanted to crawl under a stone and wished I was dead.


For such a long time, I could push the effects to the back of my brain as I two beautiful boys to worry about and help grow up.  


Now my boys have grown up and I seem to have lost my purpose.  I also am lonely as I have never 

Have you ever stopped closed your eyes and listened to the chatter that goes on in your brain which you can’t switch off your PTSD?


Do you feel lost in your own world?


My mission now is to help and inspire hope in other PTSD sufferers or any person with a mental illness, teach them skills that can help in their healing and build a business of their own.


Now is the time to make your a dreams a reality and build a legacy you can be proud of.


My question to you is are you going to be one of these people?

Are you ready to put in the hard yards and make your financial future a dream come true? 


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