Starting an online business can be challenging at the best of times, however when you have anxiety and depression it certainly can feel daunting.  With the help of this blog I’m hoping I can help you start an online business and we can face the challengers together. 


The biggest mistake I made was chasing after the shiny object.  Every time someone sent me an email telling me to do this I would do but unfortunately all that did was make me jump from one thing to another wasting heaps of money and getting overwhelmed and burnt out in the process.   


This blog is set out to help you take action steps and get up and running with the less stress and anxiety possible.  If you can stay focused on one thing and not play the chasing game you will have more success in the long run.



The “WHY”


Before you start on this journey you need to know why you are doing this and have a written plan.  It can’t be “I just want to make heaps of money”. 


That won’t help you get through the tough times, and yes there will be times when you want to throw your computer out the window.  If it was an easy task everyone would be doing it.


Since you have anxiety and depression you will need a complete written plan that will give you focus and a direction to travel in.


As a person who suffered from anxiety and depression my whole life sticking with full time jobs could become challenging and overwhelming.  If you are in a full blown anxiety attack or deep depression the last thing you want to do is get up and go to work, yet there are still bills to be paid.


The most important thing for me was finding a solution so I could help my family financially and still be able to deal with my anxiety and depression levels, without having to inconvenience any body else.  This is when I got in to blogging, I found this was a great release for my anxiety 


mean az anxiety 1



The path to happiness can be something beautiful or for some people it can be the hardest thing to achieve.  When you suffer anxiety and depression happiness can be something that you feel you hardly ever receive. 



first steps to being successful


My mentor was able to get me to believe I could be successful.  That I could be happy, healthy and wealthy.

I suffer from major migraines and have been diagnosed with PTSD.  Our stories are like journeys.