Everybody should be able to strive for happiness and be allowed to feel what a life of happiness can bring. 


However some times that seems so impossible, especially for anybody who suffers anxiety or depression. 


When you suffer anxiety and depression a life of happiness can seem like a different kind of life as you are always unfortunately thinking about negative things and life can feel so tough and rough that the word happiness just seems like a word that is a life time away. 


When you really want to change and make life a better place one of the things you could look at doing is starting an online business.  This way you could change a number of things in your life. 


For instance it could help you communicate better with people as you can do it behind a keyboard without added stress of trying to do it face to face.  This could make things feel less complicated for you. 


Also it can help you can feel more self-confidence, this is another way of taking such high pressure of you and you can do it in your own time and space. 


Another great aspect of working from home is you can start helping your family financially without stress and pressure.  When you go to job interviews and even the process of applying for jobs can be extremely overwhelming when you have anxiety or depression.


When normal people are low and down in the dumps this can mean they are just having a bad day.  However if you suffer anxiety and depression it can feel a lot different.  It tends to last weeks and it’s not something that you should ever say to someone “Oh just get over it, it’s not that bad” 


If you have never suffered anxiety or depression you have no idea what it can feel like.  It isn’t like having a bad mood or a feeling of sadness just for the hell of it. 


I’m so glad that in this day and age people are starting to become aware that it is actually a mental health illness.