have you put off starting your blog?




Have you ever put off starting your blog because you feel it’s too over whelming and you are scared that you might fail? 


Believe me I fully understand I put off starting mine for years.   Every time I thought about starting the anxiety would take over and send my heart pounding a million miles a minute, then the hot/cold flushes and the shaking body.  I would completely melt down and then put the idea to the side for another few years.


I wish I had learned a lot earlier that it’s better just to take even small steps and do something.  Taking action would have been better than nothing at all.


When you are struggling with your anxiety and depression everything can seem like an impossible goal.  But a goal is never out of reach no matter how hopeless the situation may feel. 


What is your problem?  What’s the voices in your head saying to you? There’s a saying which goes like this “Obstacles are what happens when you take your eyes off your goals”. 


When you have anxiety and depression the smallest struggle can seem like an over-whelming challenge but you just have to keep on putting one foot in front of the other and taking baby steps. 


Don’t give up even if you have tried and tried and failed.  The road even for the most successful business people involves bumps, setbacks and pitfalls but you just have to get back up and start again. 


Change is never easy but if you can learn that stress is just a bump and a learning curve.  Get back up dust yourself off and try again.


My biggest FEAR when I wanted to start building an online business was doing video.  Every time I even thought about doing a video it would send me in to a frenzy and because of this I kept putting off even starting. 


I would say things to myself like “If I can’t do video how is my business going to succeed?  Now I still haven’t overcome my fear of video but I got off my butt and at least started my business. 


I focus on other tasks to complete and progress my business in the right direction without being stuck or quitting because I can’t let my fear take over me and rule my life. I can’t let the anxiety win.


You need to get back on track when you slip up.  Every little step forward is better than giving up completely.  All successful people have slip ups but it’s how you deal with them that will determine if you win or lose. 


When you have anxiety and depression starting a blog can make you feel like a failure before you have even started.  There will always be instances when things feel over whelming but if you can keep to a regular routine and have a plan, then even if you take 2 steps forward and 1 step back you are still making progress.


Each day have a written plan or a to do list. So say you want to have 3 blog posts completed by tomorrow.  If you have it written down then it takes some of the stress away and you know exactly what you want to achieve. 


Even if tomorrow you only complete 2 its not such a big deal you have at least made progress and you are not letting your anxiety win, that’s an awesome achievement in itself. The bottom line is that you’re trying to change and having it written down gives you a reminder that you didn’t fully complete today’s task so you need to have another go the next day.